Edna's background extends beyond translation to presentation and
instruction as well. She has taught courses in Portuguese translation and
interpretation at NYU and Rutgers. Edna also has provided one-on-one
tutoring in Portuguese. Extremely involved in the American Translators
Association, she founded the Portuguese Language Division of the ATA, has
served on the board of directors, and currently works with the ATA's English
into Portuguese Certification Program. In May 2007, she presented a
workshop on becoming ATA certified at an international conference in Brazil.

In 2007, Edna received the ATA Portuguese Language Division's Mário
Ferreira Award at the ATA’s 48th Annual Conference in San Francisco.
Together with Portuguese translator Mário Ferreira, Edna was one of the
founders of the Portuguese Language Division in 1987, and served as the
division’s administrator for several terms.

The Mário Ferreira Award was established to recognize those who have
made considerable contributions to Portuguese translation within the ATA
community. It has previously been award to Murilo Nery and to Cliifford

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The Challenges of Translation

Translation is a very complex endeavor that requires a variety of skills and
excellent knowledge of two languages. There are two important challenges
that face American English-to-foreign language translation services:

1) The dynamics of language

2) The American Idiom

Portuguese Translation Specialists utilizes a creative solution that meets
these challenges successfully.

The First Challenge - The Dynamics of Language
Language is dynamic - it is always changing. This phenomenon causes
translators who live outside of the target country to use dated language on
occasion. The use of dated language sends a signal to your readers that you
are not as familiar with their language and culture as you should be.

That's why all PTS translations are human-generated as opposed to
software-generated. To ensure the most current language is used,
Portuguese Translation Specialists contracts with translators currently living
and working in Brazil, Portugal and Angola. Our translators live with the
Portuguese language day in and day out.

What's more, because we are singly focused on the Portuguese language,
we are able to offer specialization in several industries, including
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial and agricultural
  • Law
  • Medicine

Our translators, for both Brazilian and European Portuguese, are medical
doctors, lawyers, technical engineers, financial analysts and other similar
professionals. They translate documents within their area of expertise,
ensuring the most accurate industry-specific translation possible.

The Second Challenge - The American Idiom
Even though their command of Portuguese is strong and their knowledge of
the industry is current, sometimes translators from outside the U.S. do not
accurately translate American idioms, sports references, and other cultural

PTS provides a solution to that problem as well. We leverage the target-
language translation with all the nuances of the source language (English)
through a US-based editor. Company president Edna Ditaranto personally
performs a comprehensive edit of each translation project for enhanced
quality control.

So, with PTS you have the best of both worlds - a completely current
translation that correctly bridges American idioms so that they make
complete sense in Portuguese. This arrangement provides both a cost
efficient and extremely accurate translation service.

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About Us

Company History

Company Background Portuguese Translation
Specialists, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Brazilian native
Edna Ditaranto.

Edna's extensive translation experience began as a
freelance translator in 1986. In 1991, she founded
Translation Plus, Inc., a company offering translation in
over 100 world languages. It was while she was serving
as Vice President of Operations and Head of the
Portuguese Division of Translation Plus that Edna
determined that there was sufficient demand for English
to Portuguese translation to allow her to create a
dedicated company that focuses on her mother tongue.
Edna Ditaranto
ATA Conference, October 2006
New Orleans, Lousiana